Drs. A. Heystek

Drs. A. Heystek

Lecturer in Psychology

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Short cv

Ad Heystek (1956) was born in Rotterdam and grew up in an orthodox Christian (reformed) environment. After attending the pedagogical academy, he studied social pedagogy and developmental psychology at the Nutsacademie in Rotterdam and the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. Furthermore, he specialised as a social worker for adolescents. He has always worked in (professional) education, most of the time in the training of social pedagogical assistance, as a lecturer, supervisor and (student) social worker. In addition, he was and is active in ecclesiastical (management) work. For five years (2004-2009) he worked as a diaconal counsellor in the Christian Reformed churches. Since 1997 he has mainly worked as a lecturer in psychology in higher theological (professional) education. He sees it as his mission to contribute the achievements of the social (psychological) sciences to the forming of professionals for the training and education of the pastor/church worker.


  • 'De priestermetafoor en het diaconaat', in: Age Romkes & Nico van der Voet (red.), Priesterlijk Pastoraat, een verrijking van de pastorale theologie (Utrecht, 2017). 
  • ‘Een psychologische benadering’, in: Onder spanning, een veelzijdige kijk op veranderingen in kerk en samenleving [Pieter Boersema en Stefan Paas (red.)], Kampen 2011.
  • ‘Diaconaat in de samenleving’, in: Dienen en delen, basisboek diaconaat [dr. G.C. den Hertog en dr. A. Noordegraaf (red.)], Zoetermeer 2009.


  • Lecturer in psychology and pastoral studies at the CHE
  • Congregational counselor at the Meldpunt Seksueel Misbruik
  • Member of the Synodal Committee on Homosexuality and Homosexual Relations
  • Chairman, deputation Diaconate CGK
  • Member, Jerusalem Post of the CIS
  • Member of the Committee of Ministers Conferences in the CGK