BEST-Conference ‘The Nature and Logic of God’s Love’

BEST-Conference ‘The Nature and Logic of God’s Love’

All Christians assent to Biblical statements like ‘God is love’ (1 Joh. 4,18) and ‘love your neighbor like yourself’ (Matt. 22,39). But what does the Bible actually mean by ‘love’? How can the relationship between God and his people be called ‘loving’ when there is a huge difference between God and man? And how can God's love be reconciled with his sometimes scathing judgement, or His preference for a people or a person (election) over others? These and other questions will be dealt with during the academic conference ‘The Nature and Logic of God’s Love’, organized by the research group BEST (Biblical Exegesis and Systematic Theology) of the Theological Universities of Apeldoorn and Kampen.

Three main speakers will present their view on the logic of love from the angle of their own research: Old Testament scholar Eric Peels (Theologische Universiteit Apeldoorn), New Testament scholar Ruben Zimmermann (Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz) and systematic theologian Paul Nimmo (University of Aberdeen). Short papers from BEST-researchers and other scholars explore topics such as ‘the logic of God’s love in the theology of Isaiah’, ‘love and suffering in Philippians’, ‘predestination and love’, and ‘love and the self’.

The conference is scheduled on June 10-11 2021 in an online setting, due to the Covid-19 virus. The spoken language at the conference will be English. The costs for the conference are €25,- for the full conference and €15,- for one day. To sign up for the conference, please send an e-mail to before May 29, 2021. Please mention in your mail if you want to attend the conference two days or one day.