Conference 'Education Formation and The Church II - Brokenness and grace in human formation'

Conference 'Education Formation and The Church II - Brokenness and grace in human formation

From D.V. 25 to 27 August 2021 a joint English-language conference will be held about the theme 'Brokenness and grace in human formation'. Proposals can be submitted until 21 April 2021, see the Call for Papers

Education Formation and The Church II 

A three-day academic conference, organized by researchers connected to the Theological University Apeldoorn and the Theological University Kampen.

In Christian education we are used to expressions like ‘growth’, ‘talents’ and ‘human flourishing’. Following current pedagogical and psychological approaches, it seems as if human perfection sets the norm. The emphasis on the positive side of faith in human formation somehow runs the risk of dismissing the reality of sin and brokenness from the educational vocabulary. At the same time there is an intrinsically pedagogical motive for adopting stimulating perspectives. The question can be raised whether Christian education has become infected by a narrow and reductionist conversation about human flourishing, understood as growth, perfection and success.

The upcoming EFC-conference will explore questions related to the place of brokenness and grace in pedagogical theory and practice. How are we to understand good and evil in human nature? How do good and sin manifest themselves in education and formation? Do positive and negative perceptions on pupils, teachers and pedagogy contribute to human formation or to human frustration? How are we to evaluate the current instrumental striving for perfection? How are we to cope with the effects of sin, brokenness and the effects of evil in classrooms, learning processes and human formation? Pedagogues and theologians can inform and inspire one another by understanding and rethinking brokenness and grace in the process of human formation.

The Formation Conference in Kampen aims to continue the conversations which were begun at the successful conference in 2018. Main speakers of the 2020 conference are David Smith (USA), Jan Habl (CZ), Ros Stuart-Buttle (UK), Ronelle Sonnenberg, Wolter Huttinga, Petronelle Baarda, Tirza van Laar (NL). Conference chair: Roel Kuiper (NL).

The conference is online and will be held in English.

Participation costs: participation costs 99 euro when registering through Weetwatjegelooft ( and 139 euro through Permanente Educatie Predikanten (including certificate for 0,5 EC) ( 

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This conference was originally planned for August 2020, but has been postponed to August 2021 due to the corona crisis.