An event to inform you about the process of becoming a PhD student at the TUA

An event to inform you about the process of becoming a PhD student at the TUA

TUA offers a training programme for PhD students. Working on a thesis can be a lonely adventure. Meanwhile, many PhD students have the same kind of questions about it as you do. How do you phrase a good research question? How do you define your research in such a way that it doesn't become a never-ending process? How do you make your research relevant for the contemporary church, even if it is a rather technical topic? And how do you write in a good academic style?

In order to guide PhD students in this respect, TUA offers a graduate programme. Once a year all PhD students come together for a week of training, meetings and a review of papers. The training will respectively focus on methodological questions related to their research, academic writing in English, and the practical aspects of the completion of a dissertation and its final defence. The next graduate week will be held 22 – 28 June 2023.

With the programme, we also want to avoid allowing a PhD study to continue on unnecessarily long. The intention is that a PhD study programme should take no more than six years. A full-time PhD student should be able to complete his/her PhD in 3.5 years. In order to realise the better guidance that the graduate programme offers, there will be a strong selection at the gate based on a good research proposal and a short text. It is also the aim that doctoral research will be even more closely linked to the research of the professor supervising the research than is currently the case. In this way, the benefits will be two-fold: the PhD student's research will contribute to that of the professor and the professor will be able to supervise better because he has an excellent overview of the relevant part of his discipline.

On 12 April 2023 at 7:30 pm (CEST), an online information event will take place for prospective PhD students or those considering a PhD study programme, during which a detailed presentation of the ins and outs of the programme will be given. The spoken language will be English.

Interested in this informative event? Please register before the 7th of April by sending an e-mail to Prof. Dr. A. de Muynck.