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The Theological University is part of the Christian Reformed Churches. The General Synod of 28 May 2008 has determined that the Theological University of the Christian Reformed Churches, established in Apeldoorn, is an independent legal entity by virtue of article 2:2 of the Civil Code. This is laid down in article 84 of the Church Order.

General Synod

The General Synod is the highest organ of the CRC and therefore also of the TUA. The General Synod meets once every three years. During this meeting the annual reports, annual accounts and budgets of the TUA are formally adopted. It should be noted that these documents have to be approved annually by the TUA's Supervisory Board before they can be submitted for accountability to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and reported to other stakeholders.


The curatorium consists of nine ministers of the CRC, appointed by the General Synod and the private synods. Important tasks of this body are supervising the maintenance of the reformed-confessional character of the TUA as a scientific education, the admission of admissible students and the deprivation of the admission status of these students, the granting of preaching consents to admissible students and the deprivation of the appeal status of admissible students.

In 2022/2023, the following division of tasks applies:
Preses: Rev. A. van de Bovekamp
Assessor: Rev. L.A. den Butter
Secretary: Rev. C.J. Droger

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board consists of 5 to 7 persons, appointed by the General Synod upon their proposal by the Supervisory Board itself. The tasks of the Supervisory Board include integral supervision of the execution of tasks and the exercise of powers by the Executive Board and assisting it with advice, the approval of the budget, the annual accounts, the annual report and the multi-annual strategic plan of the institution, and the annual reporting on the execution of these tasks and the exercise of these powers in the annual report of the institution.

Click here for an overview of the members of the Supervisory Board.

Executive Board

The president together with the rector forms the Executive Board. Both are integrally responsible for the entire organization, but within this integral responsibility they bear the primary responsibility for certain tasks:

- The rector-director is primarily responsible for all matters relating to education and research. He performs this task in close consultation and cooperation with the college of professors.

- The president of the Executive Board is primarily responsible for all other matters, such as educational support, facility policy, and finance.

The rector-director and the president are appointed by the Supervisory Board. The rector is appointed for three years. Appointments require the subsequent approval of the General Synod.

Click here for an overview of the members of the Executive Board.

University Council

TUA has an employee participation council (the University Council, UC) that operates according to the guidelines of the Higher Education and Scientific Research Act. The UC advises the Executive Board on matters such as cooperation with other institutions and educational policy. The UC has the right of consent when it comes to, for example, the profiling fund or the quality policy and amendments to  education and examination regulations. The UC reports annually to the Executive Board on its activities.

In 2022/2023, the following persons will be members of the UC:
Membership of Bachelor Students: G.J. Brand and T.D. van der Toorn (secretary)
Membership of Master Students: B.H.P. Mussche BA
Education and research section: Prof. Dr. A. Versluis and drs. J. van 't Spijker (chairman)
Education support staff: J.E. Bulten