About TUA

Lecturers / Other staff


Drs. C.T. Boerke
Lecturer in (Dutch) Church History

Drs. I.D. Haarsma
Lecturer in Philosophy and Methodology

Dr. C.C. den Hertog
Lecturer in Systematical Theology


Drs. A. Heystek
Lecturer in Psychology

Dr. J. van der Knijff
Lecturer in Practical Theology (Liturgy)

Dr. M.C. Mulder
Lecturer in Judaïca and New Testament

Dr. J.J. Oosterhuis-den Otter
Lecturer in Greek and Latin

Dr. P.L. Rouwendal
Lecturer in Methodology

Drs. L. Snoek
Lecturer in Practical Theology (Catechesis)
Drs. J. van 't Spijker
Lecturer in Missiology and Evangelism
Dr. D.J. Steensma
Lecturer in Ethics
Dr. H. de Waard
Lecturer in Old Testament Hebrew and Biblical Aramaic

Other scientific staff

G.M. Bosker MA
Doctoral candidate in Church History

T.E. Boele-Noort MA
Doctoral candidate in Church Law

Dr. G.A. van den Brink
Academic staff member, Church history

Dr. A. van der Knijff
Associated researcher Practical Theology

J. van den Os MA
Doctoral candidate in New Testament

Dr. A. Versluis
Associate researcher in Old Testament

Study support

N. Duijzer-Algra
Trainer speaking skills, speech therapist
H. Wijma MLD
Lecturer Personal and Professional Training

Educational support staff

J.B. Brunsveld
Administrative officer


A.M.J. Buitink
Library staff member

J.E. Bulten
Staff member education and student affairs

Tel. 055-57 75 700

N. van der Mijden-Groenendijk

Tel. 055-57 75 703

Drs. W. Reijnoudt-Klein
Policy officer / Educational development officer

Tel. 055-57 75 706

M. Rozema
Property manager / Beadle

Tel. 055-57 75 705

J.M. Vierbergen-Hakvoort
Communication officer

Tel. 055-57 75 707

J.W. van der Zande-de Roo
University secretary / Student adviser / Supervisor personal and professional training

Tel. 055-57 75 709