Bachelor of Theology (3 years)

About the study

You will receive a broad education from different angles at the TUA. This means that you receive education in the relevant languages, Biblical subjects (such as exegesis and hermeneutics), systematic subjects (for example ethics and dogmatics), ecclesiological subjects (subjects such as church history, theology history and church law), civil service subjects (such as preaching, pastoral and evangelistic) ) and all kinds of other subjects (philosophy, religious studies, etc.).

Studying theology at TUA means studying in a faithful biblical climate. The character of the course can be described as confessional-reformed: the Bible as the Word of God is a guiding principle in teaching and research at our university and we consciously stand in the Reformed tradition. We realize very well that we have a duty to society and that we have an eye for contemporary theological practice is part and parcel of this.

Studying theology at TUA means studying in a community that is characterized by many who have experienced it as open, warm and close. TUA is a small university with over a hundred students, which makes the interaction between them direct and personal. You will also meet professors, lecturers and fellow students outside the lecture room. In Apeldoorn, you don't study theology alone, you do it in a community of learners.

At the Theological University, we consider knowledge of the classical biblical languages important. Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, these are the languages in which the Bible was originally written, while Latin was the working language of theology for centuries. At the TUA we want to integrate these languages into our other subjects. Throughout your course of study you will have to deal with these languages. This way they will be familiar to you!

The course in theology at the TUA is broad. The programme was founded in 1894. Young men were trained as ministers in the Christian Reformed Churches. Nowadays people from all kinds of church backgrounds, both men and women, from the Netherlands and from abroad, study with the aim of serving God in very different fields of work in church and society.

N.B. This study is offered in full Dutch only.