Rules for loan and library use

1. Membership

Library membership is open to:

  1. TU Apeldoorn staff members
  2. TU Apeldoorn students
  3. Interested people

2. Registration and Library Card

  1. TUA-students can use their student card as a library card.
  2. You will receive a personal library card upon registration.
  3. A valid ID and a recent proof of address are required for registration.
  4. The name and contact details will be registered at registration. For students / staff from other institutions of academic education, the name of these institutions is registered. For clergymen, denomination is also registered. These data are required to determine to which borrower category the borrower belongs. Religious denomination is saved for statistical purposes with a view to collection formation. Borrowers who are unable or unwilling to provide this information are automatically placed in the category with the least rights (occasional borrower - see 5.3).
  5. The card holder’s personal data will be used for library administration only and will not be disclosed to third parties. Exception: library staff from the Theological University of Kampen and IBTS Centre Amsterdam will have access to this data. The library administration is hosted by OCLC, Leiden. OCLC will not disclose any personal data to third parties.
  6. Borrowers can request their registered personal data at the library at any time.
  7. By signing the registration form you agree with the rules for loan and use of the library

The borrower is responsible for the correct use of the library card:

  • Use of the library card by third parties is not permitted
  • In case of loss or theft the library should be informed immediately to prevent any unauthorised use of your card and the costs this may incur, for which you will be liable. You will receive a new library card upon payment of administration costs and on production of a valid ID.

3. Adress change

  • A change of address will be communicated to the library in a timely manner. This also applies to your e-mail address.
  • Any consequences of not communicating a change of address on time are completely at own expense and risk.

4. Validity of library card

  • TU Apeldoorn staff members: for the duration of their employment;
  • TU Apeldoorn students: for the duration of their studies at the TU Apeldoorn
  • other users: for 1 year. Membership may be renewed. If renewal is not requested, the borrower data will be deleted 1 year after termination of the membership.

At the request of the borrower. All borrower data will then be removed from the library administration, provided that all materials borrowed by him / her have been returned and all costs owed by him / her have been paid.

5. Borrowing

  1. You are responsible for ensuring that the loan of all materials you wish to take out of the library is recorded on the library system. If you leave the library taking materials that have not been issued to you, you can be denied access to the library, either permanently or for a period to be determined by the librarian.
  2. You may borrow books on production of your library card.
  3. The maximum number of materials that may be borrowed is:.
    • TU Apeldoorn staff                                                                                  50

    • TU Apeldoorn students                                                                         30

    • Staff or students from another academic institute                  25

    • Clergy                                                                                                           25

    • Occasional borrower                                                                               5

Materials in excess of these numbers may be borrowed only in special circumstances and by permission of the librarian.

  1. Not available for loan are: reference works from the reading rooms rare books, books published before 1900, books of vulnerable material or in bad condition, journals, special collections (like master theses) and other works marked in the library catalogue as for reference only. Publications that are not for loan can be consulted in the library.

6. Loan period and renewal

  1. The standard loan period is 30 days.
  2. If the book has not been reserved by someone else after a month the loan can be renewed.
  3. The loan period can be extended with another month to a maximum of 10 times. After that the book has to be returned.
  4. Reserved books should preferably be returned as soon as possible, but not later than by the end of the loan period.
  5. If you do not return or renew borrowed materials in time, you will be required to pay a fine in accordance with the provisions below.
  6. You are not allowed to lend out publications to third parties.

7. Fines

  1. If you fail to return or renew borrowed materials before the end of the loan period, a fine of € 0.20 for each day will be incurred on any borrowed item (from the first week after the end of the loan period).
  2. The library sends you 3 recall emails as an additional service. Not receiving the recall emails does not create any rights.
  3. If books are not returned in time or fines not paid the borrower can be excluded from borrowing. When books are not returned after de last reminder, an invoice will be sent for the replacement value, fine and administration fees. Prices.
  4. Borrowers with outstanding fines in excess of € 10 may not borrow or renew any materials until the fines are paid.
  5. Fines must be paid at the library service desk.

8. Reservations

  1. You may request or reserve materials using the catalogue. Books available in the library cannot be reserved.
  2. You will be notified when a book you have requested or reserved is available. Books requested or reserved will be available for collection for 7 days.

9. ILL

If a publication is not in the TUA collection it can be requested from other libraries in the Netherlands or abroad. The borrower will preferably request the desired title by email. He/she is notified by email when the requested publication has arrived. Prices.

10. Photocopying

Publications may be photocopied in accordance with the Dutch Copyright Act (Auteurswet). Photocopying vulnerable material requires permission of the librarian.
On request the library can make photocopies or scans for a fee. Prices.

11. Liability

You remains exclusively responsible for the borrowed books until they are returned at the library desks.
If books are not returned in time or fines not paid the borrower can be excluded from borrowing. If possible the borrower will be charged with the replacement costs of lost books. It is also forbidden to write in books, make notes or folds or damage the books by removing (parts of) pages. Satisfy yourself that any materials you wish to borrow are in good order. If you discover any damage, report this to the service desk. 

Any person who causes damage to the library, books and journals, computer and other objects will be charged with  the costs of replacement and administration. Theft of TUA properties will be reported to the police.The library is not liable for theft of or damage to the properties of library users.

12. Privacy

In principle the library will not give lending information to others, in order to prevent lending to third parties. If the interests of the library or certain borrowers should require this the library staff may deviate from this rule.

13. Other provisions

  1. You must follow all library staff instructions.
  2. The librarian, or any person nominated by the librarian, may suspend permanently or temporarily any borrower who breaks Library Regulations from using the library.
  3. In cases not provided for in these regulations, the librarian or any person nominated by the librarian shall decide. The librarian is entitled to occasionally deviate from these provisions.