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Book Society 'De KreNT'

Book Society ‘De KreNT’

Book Society De KreNT provides its members with books at the lowest possible price and without any profit motive. Members can be those who teach at the Theological University according to its regulations, are registered as students or are otherwise connected to this institution. Foreign/foreign-language books are offered at a discount and several times a year there is a sales week in which second-hand books are also raffled off after subscription.

Chairman is P.C. Fassò, tel. +31 6 42 95 31 92.
Purchasing coordinator for new books is E.A. Driece, tel. +31 6 11 07 47 12, e-mail: dekrent@gmail.com.
Purchasing coordinator for second-hand books is P.C. Fassò. Tel. +31 642 95 31 92.
Offers of second hand books can be sent to the following e-mail address: tweedehands.dekrent@gmail.com.