Master's programme 'Living Reformed Theology’ (part-time, 60 EC)

About the study

The Theological University of Apeldoorn is nationally and internationally known for its high-quality teaching of Reformed theology. The new master's in 'Living Reformed Theology' concentrates this education on those areas at which the TUA is best.

The richness of Reformed theology has relevancefor all aspects of life. In this master's, you will study various disciplines of Reformed theology. In addition, you become familiar with the latest trends in theological issues for your own (future) professional context. This applies especially to the module(s) in which you can specialise in this master's degree. After completing this master's you will be trained as a theologian and will be able to work in ecclesiastical practices, spiritual care, health care, education, media, and legal practices, where you will be able to bring to bear reflection on the Reformed identity. You are also equipped for further research.

Attention! Due to the corona crisis, the accreditation process of the master has been delayed. The intended start date of this master has been postponed to D.V. February 2021. As soon as the final green light has been given for the program to start, this will be announced on the website and this comment will be removed. In the meantime it is possible to register on a provisional basis.