Master of Theology (3 years)

About the study

The TUA master's programme takes three years and is both broad and deep. Not just any master, but one with added value. What exactly is this added value? See what Doohyeok and Hilde have to say about it.

The master’s course consists of two parts: the Master I of 120 EC and the Master II of 60 EC, where variation is possible between the study routes of non-admission and admissions students (students who have been admitted through the admissions examination to the service of the Word in the Christian Reformed Churches).

The Master II-study includes in general a major of 50 EC and a minor of 10 EC.

For an admissions student a minor of 10 EC consisting of a practical internship is required. For non-admission students there is the possibility of a Master II with a major of 60 EC. Moreover, it is possible to add (part of) the electives from the D- and/or E-year to the specialisation phase of the Master’s. This can be done by expanding the major, but also by adding extra minors.

My interest in theology is the breadth of the study: language, history, philosophy, psychology, it all comes up for discussion. At the same time it is always about the core, about what really matters in this world.
(Fianne de With, master student)

N.B. This study is offered in full Dutch only.