Research infrastructure for Religious Studies RESILIENCE 

TUA is helping to build the RESILIENCE research infrastructure. This concerns a permanent European research infrastructure for Religious Studies in which thirteen academic institutions from eleven different countries cooperate.

Given the growing interest in Religious Studies and the increasing necessity of these studies, RESILIENCE focuses on making knowledge in the area of religion more accessible. At the same time, a set of instruments is needed to make this knowledge available, interpret it, and implement it. RESILIENCE meets this need by building a permanent European infrastructure for Religious Studies.

A distinctive feature of RESILIENCE is that it uniquely combines physical and digital knowledge: RESILIENCE supports its users in finding, processing and sharing this knowledge. Although the research infrastructure will be used mainly by academics, others involved in Religious Studies themes (such as librarians, journalists, policy-makers and representatives of religious communities) can also benefit from it.

Prof. Dr. H.J. Selderhuis remarks: "TUA is proud to be part of RESILIENCE because it offers us a fantastic opportunity to contribute with our resources and expertise to the fascinating field of Religious Studies, and to benefit from the advantages of active involvement in this unique European research environment."

First service: TNA scholarships

Transnational Access (TNA) is the first service RESILIENCE offers to religious scholars. Users of this programme get direct and effective access, both physically and virtually, to the unique collections and expertise of seven leading research institutions and universities in Europe (including TUA). In addition, a TNA stay means faster access to resources for the user, which means more effective use of research time. To this end, each host institution offers a workplace, assistance in using the physical and digital collections, tips on travel and accommodation, and the unique benefits of the institution. An important aspect is that the TNA user receives expert guidance from senior scientists at the host institution, which creates valuable networking opportunities. TUA is one of these host institutions. In this way, foreign scientists can benefit from our excellent facilities in Apeldoorn.

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