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Board of professors

Board of professors

Prof. Dr. M.J. Kater
Professor of Practical Theology, Rector
Prof. Dr. A. de Muynck
Professor of Christian Education
Dr. J. van den Os
Lecturer in New Testament
Prof. Dr. H.J. Selderhuis
Professor of Church History and Church Law
Dr. A. Versluis
Associate professor of Old Testament

Endowed professors

Prof. Dr. M.A. van Willigen
Endowed professor of Early Christian Exegesis, Endowed Chair (ECE) (from Stichting Bijbeluitleg Vroege Kerk)


Prof. Mr. Dr. W.A. Zondag
Endowed professor of Church, Law, and Society (from RMU)

Personal professor

Prof. Dr. A.A. Clement
Professor of Theology and Music

Emeriti / former professors

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