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Student association PFSAR


For almost a century, there has been a student association in Apeldoorn: PFSAR. Although PFSAR itself is older, it joined the TUA in 1919 when they moved to the Wilhelminapark in Apeldoorn. PFSAR started under the name 'DINDUA', which stood for 'Door Inspanning Nuttig Door Uitspanning Aangenaam'. Nowadays we are known as PFSAR, which stands for the Latin words Per Fidem Studiumque Ad Rostra, which in turn means 'by faith and study to the pulpit'.

The aim of the Students' Association is to contribute to the personal and theological development of its members and to strengthen the mutual bond and community. This happens at least every Thursday evening. The activities of these evenings differ from time to time. The only remaining activity is the dining group, where members of the student association eat together in different groups. After that, every Thursday evening there is a different programme. This can be a relaxing activity or playing games, a bible study or a meeting. Besides that, PFSAR has several lectures every year for which it attracts speakers from outside. Of course, meetings are not missing from the annual agenda as well.

PFSAR is therefore a place where students can meet outside their studies. Here they can make friends, have fun together and learn from each other.

If you have any questions and/or comments, please contact the abactis corporis:

Abactiaat P.F.S.A.R. 
Gerben Glasbergen
Imkersdreef 317
7328 DA Apeldoorn

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