Master's programme 'Living Reformed Theology’ (part-time, 60 EC, online)

Study program

The curriculum consists of 5 interdisciplinary modules of 15 EC each, of which a total of 60 EC must be taken:

  1. The Heart of Reformed Theology (introductory module)
  2. Reading the Bible in the 21st Century (elective module)
  3. Freedom, Law and Justice (elective module)
  4. Christian Wisdom in Practices of Leadership (elective module)
  5. Theology and Music (elective module)
  6. Writing a Thesis

Module 1 and 5 are mandatory for all students. From modules 2 to 5 you choose two in which you wish to specialize. The modules are interdisciplinary, so that you are equipped to think from the perspective of multiple theological disciplines.

Personal development with regard to practical issues and theological content is also featured during the master's programme. You will be challenged to reflect and form a vision on such themes. Within the master's programme,  moments of reflection are organised at which these are discussed together.

"This program is engaging, interesting and multifaceted. I find it fascinating that people from all different fields come together and practice theology together." (Andries de Jong, student master's degree in Living Reformed Theology) 

Design program

The programme lasts 2 years, is part-time, and is spread over 4 periods with an average study load of nominally 20 hours per week and a total of 1680 study hours. The study hours consist of lectures, assignments and self-study.
If desired, this time frame can be deviated from and the master can be studied at a different pace.

The lectures are given online and you can attend them at a time that is convenient for you. In addition, online lectures will take place where we will talk through the material with each other.
As of September 2023, this master's is available on a part-time basis. If you want to study full-time, you can do so from September 2024 onwards. 

In these introductory module lays the foundation of the training: the heart of the Reformed Theology is highlighted from the conviction that Reformed Theology in concrete life has a place.
The elective module 'Reading the Bible in the 21st Century' focuses on Bible texts about violence and justice.
The elective module 'Freedom, Law and Justice' sheds light on the nature of freedom and tolerance in historical Reformed Theology, with the question of how both can be shaped today.
The elective module 'Christian Wisdom in Practices of Leadershipp' focuses on practices in which Christian wisdom can flourish, such as proclamation, health care and education.
The elective module 'Theology and Music' focuses on themes at the intersection of theology and music, combining biblical scholarship, church history and musicology. Central to this module are compositions from Western music history that are based on biblical texts.
The master's program concludes with a thesis on a (practical) question from the student and/or a question from the research programme of one of the professors.