Mw. N. Duijzer-Algra

N. Duijzer-Algra

Speech skills trainer

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Nynke Duijzer-Algra is a speech therapist and specializes in training, coaching and counseling adult (professional) speakers. Through her company, Dixit, she trains and coaches ecclesiastical speakers such as pastors, theology students, ministers and lecturers on their use of voice, intelligibility and presentation. With (future) preachers she works, for example, on a firm posture, and a good, safe and powerful use of the voice, as well as good intelligibility and interesting and varied speech. She helps them to read biblical texts well, to present sermons well, to reduce accents and to deal with the tension or fear of speaking.

Nynke worked for more than ten years as a speech therapist in Logopedisch Centrum Hoofddorp. From her background in both speech therapy and professional music she has a broad perspective on the various aspects of the speaking profession. She coaches ecclesiastical speakers from the entire breadth of the ecclesiastical map and is, in addition to the Theological University Apeldoorn, also connected to the Theological University Kampen | Utrecht and the Permanent Education Pastors (PEP).

Her mission: to help future and established speakers get their message across in a clearer, easier and more relaxed way. Because a good message deserves a good speaker!