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Chair of Christian Pedagogy from Driestar to TUA

9 June 2021

Chair of Christian pedagogy from Driestar Educatief to Theological University of Apeldoorn

In 2016, the Executive Board of Driestar Educatief (DE) established a Chair of Christian Pedagogy and placed it as an endowed chair at Theological University of Apeldoorn (TUA). As of 1 September 2021, this will become a regular chair at TUA.

Decision of the Synod
The current endowed professor, prof. dr. A. de Muynck, will be appointed as a regular professor. This is an appointment for 0.5 FTE. This has been decided by the General Synod of the Christian Reformed Churches on Tuesday, 8 June. In addition to being a professor at TUA, Dr. A. de Muynck will also remain affiliated with Driestar Educatief as a lecturer.

Serving society
The chair will contribute, in the context of practical theology, to academic reflection on issues relating to upbringing, formation and equipping in the triangle of family, school and church. There is a specific interest in the formation processes of key figures in these contexts, such as parents, ministers and professionals. The holder of the chair does this by making his own contribution to scientific theory development, based on resource studies and empirical research (both qualitative and quantitative). With this chair, the TUA adds to its service not only to the church and to science, but also to today's society.

Continuation of the chair
The rector of TUA, Prof. Dr. H.J. Selderhuis, considers the pedagogical contribution to be an important addition to the theological disciplines present and a reinforcement of the educational offerings of TUA. The chairman of the Board of Driestar Educatief, Mr. L.N. Rottier, is pleased with the continuation of the chair and looks forward, with interest, to further cooperation.