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Design new master’s degree 'Living Reformed Theology' is ready

24 February 2020

Design new master’s degree 'Living Reformed Theology' is ready

By popular demand, D.V., we will start a new master's degree at the Theological University of Apeldoorn in September 2020. This master's 'Living Reformed Theology (LRT)' can be pursued part-time.

The programme of 60 credits is aimed at two target groups. First of all, bachelor students who want to continue their theology studies with a relevant but short master's degree. In addition, the master's is especially interesting for those working in care, education, church, services, media, etc. and who are looking for a relevant deepening of their knowledge in theology.

The richness of Reformed theology expresses itself in all aspects of life. In the master’s LRT, different disciplines of Reformed theology are studied. In addition, students practice to update theological issues in their own (future) professional context independently and adequately. Personal development with regard to practical issues is a spearhead of the programme.

The study programme consists of a number of fixed components and optional modules (on 'Christian wisdom in leadership practices', 'Reading the Bible in the 21st century' and 'Freedom, Law and Justice'. The 60 EC master's can be earned in, for example, 2 or 4 years.

To be able to participate in this master's programme, an academic bachelor's degree is required as a minimum. This does not necessarily have to be a theological bachelor’s degree.

Prof. Arnold Huijgen, dean of the new master's, notes that: "TUA is happy and grateful that this step can be taken. Our bachelor's students have been asking for a more compact master's programme than the current three-year master's, because they would like to stay in Apeldoorn. Moreover, labour market research shows that there is a great need for a solid but compact master's programme in theology, also part-time. We are enthusiastic about the content of the new master's and look forward to welcoming students in this master's programme".

Information about, among other things, the set-up of the LRT master's programme can be found elsewhere on this website.

At this moment the accreditation process for this new master's is still ongoing. We hope to conclude this process with the NVAO in May/June 2020 and in case of a positive result the programme will start, D.V., September 2020. Provisional enrolment is already possible.