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Elsevier gives TUA a golden award

3 October 2022

TUA's bachelor is doing well in the rankings. Elsevier published Best Studies of 2022 at the end of last week. In it, Elsevier assesses all bachelors and masters programmes of Dutch colleges and universities. At the very top in the Theology category is the TUA bachelor, which was therefore given a golden award.

Our bachelor was rated with an overall score of 92+. The programme scored high on all surveyed topics, but in particular on the topics of information from the programme (100+), study in general, programme content and atmosphere (all three scored 100) and 96 points for lecturers. The percentage of students who would choose this study again is also very high at 96%.

A brief overview of TUA bachelor's scores:

Programme in general: 100
Programme content: 100
Employment preparation: 89+
Lecturers in general: 96
Information from the programme: 100+
Study facilities: 85
Testing and assessment: 85
Studyability: 78
Atmosphere: 100
Percentage that would choose study again: 96
Overall score for ranking: 92+

We are grateful for this assessment, which encourages us to continuously work on the quality of education.

TUA's master's programmes, by the way, did not participate in the survey because proportionally too few students participated for a valid result.