Scripturae et Patrum Testimoniis

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Jin Heung Kim

The Function of the Church Fathers and the Medievals in Peter Martyr Vermigli's Two Eucharistic Treatises: Tractatio and Dialogus.

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Peter Martyr Vermigli, with his profound Biblical, Patristic, Scholastic, and Humanistic knowledge, defended the Reformed doctrine of the Lord’s Supper against the Romanist and Lutheran theologicans. In hos two Eucharistic treatises (Tractatio and Diologus) Peter Martyr made effectual and valid use of the Fathers and the Medievals in favor of the Reformed doctrine, by his accurate and consistent application of the principle of sola scriptura.
In Dialogus he hoped to make an agreement in the Eucharistic doctrine among the Protestant camp ‘by the Scriptural and Patristic testimonies’ (scripturae et patrum testimoniis). By these words he pointed out the importance of the right use of the Bible and the Fathers.
This study of Peter Martyr’s use of the Fathers and the Medievals examines one of the finest actualizations of Christian Traditions to the Church of the Reformation. On the basis of a new instrument of quantitative and qualitative analysis (‘high evaluation’, ‘devaluation’, and ‘relativization-appropriaton’), this book clearly shows Peter Martyr’s accurate understanding and proper application of the principle of sola scriptura.

Publications of the Institute for Reformation Research 5

ISBN: 9789079771066
Titel: Scripturae et Patrum Testimoniis.
Auteur: Jin Heung Kim
Aantal pagina's: 351
Bindwijze: paperback
Prijs: € 10,00

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