Support the remodeling of the TUA!

Please donate for TUA's renovation!

The TUA is growing! A necessary remodeling is therefore planned for the Theological University Apeldoorn in the spring of 2023.

What and why?

  • More workplaces will be created for students and lecturers.
  • The building will be made more accessible by the installation of an elevator.
  • Due to developments in recent years, a different division of some rooms is needed. For instance, the library collection has grown and we have started offering an additional master's degree programme. Also, the number of PhD students is growing.
  • Lecture rooms are outdated and will be adapted to modern standards, including better ventilation and the installation of smart boards.

Required amount

As plans were being made, the prices of labour and materials increased significantly. The designs have been reduced to the bare essentials. But even then, the required amount is a substantial €800,000.

What can you do?

Support us financially! You can transfer your donation for the remodeling to:

IBAN: NL40 INGB 0000 0090 00
Or scan/click on the QR code below (you can also search for us in the Givt app). Please note! Givt deducts a small percentage of your donation!

We are most grateful for your support!