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Dr. J. van der Knijff

Dr. J. van der Knijff

Lecturer in Practical Theology (Liturgy)
Associate Researcher in the Practical Theology Research Programme

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Website: www.jacovanderknijff.nl

Short cv

Jaco van der Knijff was born in 1976 in Moerkapelle (South Holland). He studied theology at the Theological University of Apeldoorn and at the University of Groningen (church music). In 2018, he obtained his doctorate in the study of Holy Hymns in Groningen, writing a thesis titled Origin, development and reception of the hymns in the psalm book of Dathenus and the 'Eenige Gezangen' in the State rhyming of 1773. He is editor for church and culture (music) at the Reformatorisch Dagblad. Since October 1, 2018 he has been a part-time lecturer in liturgy at the Theological University of Apeldoorn.


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  • Publisher Church and Culture (music) at the Reformatorisch Dagblad