International Conference: Raising new generations in a posttraditional society

Raising new generations in a posttraditional society

Education, Formation and the Church III

Utrecht, 31 October and 1 November 2024

Introduction and invitation

Education and formation can be seen as the conversation between generations. This happens in families, churches and schools. Schools can be seen as places where traditions are handed over to new generations in an organized way. Being an educated or civilized person means to be traditioned in moral, cultural and religious knowledge, attitudes and practices. This is especially true for religious education where we introduce young people into the traditions, rites and habits of an already established faith. Traditioning can be seen as a necessary part of a pedagogic approach and can be  helpful in nurturing social and moral imagination. Nowadays we raise new generations in a society that is typified as ‘posttraditional’.

In education we tend to overlook the dimension of traditioning, forgetting how the human person is always part of a religious, moral and cultural narrative. The conference is dedicated to the meaning of traditions and traditioning for Christian education and formation today. Researchers, teachers, students that are somehow interested in this theme are invited to participate.

The conference takes place on 31 October and 1 November 2024.

Speakers and program

Dr. Herman Paul, Leiden University, the Netherlands
Dr. Bram de Muynck, Theological University of Apeldoorn, the Netherlands
Dr. Frances Ward, United Kingdom
Dr. Torgeir Landro, NLA University College, Norway
Dr. Roel Kuiper, Theological University Utrecht, the Netherlands
Dr. Robert Bowie, NICER, Canterbury, United Kingdom
Dr. James Alexander, Bilkent University Ankara

There will be lectures and short paper presentations. Researchers and PhD-students are invited to present their research findings.

The program and schedule can be found on the website of this conference.

Focus of the conference

Together we investigate whether and how traditioning has become a forgotten dimension of education and what it means to be introduced in traditions of faith and the moral and social imaginaries that are connected to traditions.

We discern three themes to direct our ideas:

  1. What are traditions exactly and what is their status or meaning for human life and human flourishing? How do we live with traditions, shape them and use them in our narratives and the conversation between generations today? What kind of social and moral imaginaries are conveyed by them?
  2. How does traditioning play a role in a pedagogical (theoretical) approach and the ways we transfer faith and hope? What is the meaning, function and role of such a goal in education and formation in schools and churches?
  3. What are good practices of traditioning in Christian education and formation today? In what way can traditions of faith and moral and cultural life be transferred to new generations in posttraditional societies? What does traditioning imply for work in the classroom?

Call for papers (max 350 words)

  • Do you want to contribute by presenting a paper in one of the short paper sessions? These sessions are meant to present all kinds of research, also those that are not directly relating to the topic, but have a focus on Christian education and formation at schools and in churches, the overarching theme of the conference.
  • Proposals for short paper sessions can be send in before July 1. They will be read and those who will be selected will be contacted before July 15. Their paper will be scheduled in one of the short-paper-sessions during the conference.

Location and lodging

The conference will be hosted by the Theological University Utrecht in the heart of the old city of Utrecht. We will also make use of the facilities of the Catharijne Convent. Participants take care of their own lodging during the conference. There are many hotels and other opportunities for lodging in Utrecht.

The Theological University is located at the Plompetorengracht 3, 3512 CA Utrecht, phone: +316 3860 3198

Conference costs

Participation will cost 225 euro, early birds who subscribe before Juli 1 pay 190 euro. For students (also PhD-students) the conference-fee is 100 euro. Participants can subscribe later via de website (see this link). Subscription closes at October 1 2024.